Click on the cemetery name to find a list of names at the cemetery (NOTE: the information provided by the links is provided by another service.  Alamo Township is not responsible for errors)


1. The LIBERTY Cemetery located on G Avenue, between 6th and 7th Streets.

2. The ALAMO CENTER Cemetery located in downtown Alamo south of the Township Hall.

3. The GREEN BAUER Cemetery located between C Avenue and B Avenue, on Owen Drive. 

The Township Sexton is Laura Endres. Laura's phone number is 382-3366.

The price of a lot in each of the 3 cemeteries in Alamo is $200.00.  



To purchase a lot in Alamo you must be a resident of Alamo, or lived here 25 years or half your life. You may purchase (1) lot each, for husband and wife plus for any disabled child.


1. All summer plantings must be removed by November 15th. 
2. All winter decorations must be removed by April 1st.
3. No trees are to be planted without Township Board Approval.
4. All plantings must be in a container and kept close to the stone, so that mowing isn't a problem.

5. All head-stones MUST have a foundation.