We are planning for a busy 2018! Events planned for March-October so far this year are:

*Wednesday night Games nights (come in and play some games we have here or bring your own)

*Spring Fling march 31st 10am-2pm (spring decorated museum, activities and goodies while supplies last)

* Music and Dance Exhibit starting June 2nd *Alamo Day July 28th 10-2

*September 150th anniversary of the Alamo Congregational Church exhibit

*October Antique Toy Exhibit * Fall Day of Fun October 13th 10-2 *Halloween 5-8pm (decorated museum and treats while supplies last)



Alamo Township Museum


Wednesday 5pm - 8pm

Saturday 10am - 2pm

or by appointment. 

Please contact Aloh Blanchard at (269) 547-7834

 Amongst all the special events this year we will be continuing to make improvements to the buildings and ground. Our goal for 2018

*To have the siding installed on the West wall : labor is DONATED by Tyler Home Improvement for which we are very thankful.

*repair the interior west wall

*side an additional wall

* put in handy cap door and ramp along the west wall (funded by the Alamo Historical Society and its wonderful volunteers )



We are Always looking for Volunteers, Stories and loaned/Donated items.

***We are currently Seeking stories/items that connect to our one room school houses. We are also seeking items and stories pertaining to music and dancing in the Alamo Area! Photos , Dresses, Stories exc. All help to preserve our history and make the exhibit shine! ***

For more information please contact Aloh Blanchard (269)547- 7834 you can also find us on facebook @ Alamotownshipmuseum